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Shackletons Care For Local Community

Shackletons, the care home furniture specialists, donate essential foodstuffs to Batley Food Bank ensuring those local families in need have access to three meals a day.

Sandra Major, Food Bank project leader says: “Food poverty is very real, we see it every day and the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better soon. For a lot of people it is very hard to come to the food bank, they feel ashamed and are often very tearful. Our volunteers try to reassure them and that the gifts that are given to them have been given by people and companies like Shackletons who want to help, we thank everyone at Shackletons for thinking of us and those people in need.”

Some people worry that the people who are being helped don’t really deserve it; this is a common myth. The food bank has special referral forms which are given to referring agencies such as; Job Centres, Sure Start Centres, schools, churches, Kirklees Benefits Advice Service, and the Kirklees Welfare Provision Team, to name but a few. People in need are given a form by one of these agencies, they then visit the food bank where they are given enough food for three meals a day for seven days.

Jason Bloom, National Sales Manager at Shackletons says: “It is a sad thing to be faced with the reality of food poverty in our town. The food bank is providing a lifeline, and I’m sure our donation is a drop in the ocean, but we really do hope more local businesses take action and help like we will continue to do.”

Sandra continues: “We are crying out for more donations. Our shelves were nearly empty the day Shackletons visited and it was an extremely upsetting situation to face, especially given the prospect of turning hungry families away. Please help, no matter how small the donation it is gratefully received.”

Batley Food Bank opening times are currently open Monday, Tuesday 1.00pm until 3.00pm, Wednesday 12 noon until 2.00pm, Thursday evening 6.00pm until 8.00pm, and Friday 1.00pm until 3pm.

Pictured are Shackletons employees with Sandra Major (left) and Ken Lowe (far right) from the Batley Food Bank. 

Shackletons Care For Local Community


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