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Brook Court comprises of 55 one and two-bedroom apartments for independent senior living. The centre includes a range of communal spaces for residents including a lounge and dining room.

Drawing Room Interiors were appointed with refurbishing the communal spaces to make them more comfortable and functional for residents. Shackletons were selected to craft a bespoke cabinet for the lounge and to supply upholstered chairs, sofas and dining furniture.

The existing communal lounge was a large space with pillars, which made it difficult to use the space effectively. A key element of the design was a bespoke cabinet to divide the large lounge into different areas such as a bistro and sitting area. A versatile piece of furniture was required that could function as a room divider between the column and wall, also while serving as a bar or coffee area.

The bespoke cabinet was designed in collaboration by Drawing Room Interiors and the Shackletons design team. The multi-purpose and functional cabinet was designed around a large column in the room, it separated the space into the lounge and café area. The lounge side included open-shelving for displaying books and vases, and the café side featured shaker style cupboards and open shelving for the storage of cups and plates, and an integrated fridge, so that residents are able to make and serve themselves refreshments. After the design was finalised, the bespoke cabinet was manufactured by Shackletons at our cabinetry factory and the installation was completed by our on-site cabinet fitters and project management team.

Throughout the project, Drawing Room Interiors prioritised the involvement and consultation of the residents. Residents were consulted at each stage of the design process, including the selection of the furniture scheme. Their input and preferences were taken into consideration to ensure that the furniture choices met their needs and created a comfortable and welcoming environment. A selection of Shackletons furniture was chosen to complete the scheme including Orto and Roehampton chairs and sofas, Maldon dining chairs with a show wood underframe along with Pembroke bistro tables.

Diana Celella from Drawing Room Interiors commented: “We chose Shackletons to make the bespoke cabinet as they have a reputation for crafting high-quality furniture with attention to detail. Shackletons offered customisation options, so the design of the cabinet could be tailored to fit the specific needs and style of the space. The collaboration with Shackletons ensured the furniture seamlessly integrated with the overall design scheme. The collaboration resulted in a successful refurbishment that met the needs and preferences of the residents of Brook Court Retirement Living.”

Shackletons furniture & bespoke cabinetry featured: 


 We selected Shackletons to make the bespoke cabinet and other furniture for the refurbishment for several reasons. Firstly, Shackletons has a reputation for crafting high-quality furniture with attention to detail. We wanted to ensure that the furniture in the retirement living facility would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also durable, long-lasting and appropriate ergonomically for senior living.  

Diana Cellela, Director, Drawing Room Interiors


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