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Bedroom Furniture Designed For Residents With Dementia

The Ashton and Marlow Dementia bedroom ranges have been designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for residents living with dementia.

A report commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Society in 2019 found that there are around 900,000 people in the UK living with dementia and this is expected to rise to 1.6 million people by 2040. It is estimated that 70% of residents in UK care homes have dementia or severe memory problems. As well as affecting memory, dementia can affect spatial perception and behaviour, it can cause confusion and residents may need help with daily tasks.

As the number of residents with dementia in care homes increases; care homes need to consider dementia-friendly design and how this can significantly enhance the wellbeing of residents living with dementia.

The bedroom holds significant importance for residents as it serves as a personal sanctuary. Bedroom furniture must be designed to provide a supportive and calming environment that minimises agitation, enhances wellbeing and promotes independence. Design consideration should also be given to layouts that facilitate mobility and navigation, and the choice of colours and fabrics to create a calming space.

Designed by Shackletons

We have designed two new bedroom ranges suitable for residents living with with dementia. The new ranges have been designed by Shackletons design team and are manufactured at our cabinetry factory in Leeds. Each range is available in a choice of wood and solid colour options.

Introducing the Ashton Dementia Collection

The Ashton Dementia range incorporates dementia-friendly design features with a stylish design to suit a wide variety of care home environments.

Ashton dementia bedroom collection.

The Ashton Dementia bedroom furniture features a scooped handle design on door and drawer fronts. A contrast colour can also be specified for the wardrobe door and drawer fronts which can facilitate independence. The range includes wardrobes, drawers, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and headboards.

View the Ashton Dementia range.

Introducing the Marlow Dementia Collection

Our Marlow dementia-friendly bedroom furniture collection includes wardrobes, drawers, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and headboards.

Marlow dementia bedroom collection. Image shows wardrobe, fitted headboard, bedside cabinet and drawers.

The Marlow Dementia range includes a Perspex vision panel on the wardrobe and drawer fronts. Additional dementia-friendly features include soft rounded corners and tops which make the spaces safer for residents to move around and large gently curved handles for ease of use.

View the Marlow Dementia range.



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