Believers in comfort

Firmly anchored to the finest British traditions of quality craftsmanship and customer care, Shackletons are Yorkshire furniture manufacturers bringing comfort to care homes, student accommodation, hotels and leisure venues for nearly 60 years.

Alongside our contract manufacturing business, we have our own retail store, which is open to the public seven days a week. Our stylish, durable, soft and woodworked pieces bring together fine British handcrafting, sophisticated CAD design and consummate attention to detail through our ‘Lean Enterprise’ manufacturing process, which ensures efficiency and precision and deadlines that are always met. It all underpins our in-house motto, ‘Quality in everything we do’, which goes far beyond joinery and upholstery but runs through the entire process of delivering your order where and when it should be.

While proud of our heritage, we always look to the future. Shackletons’ pedigree in manufacturing complements the skills base that resides within our craftspeople and cutting-edge technologists – talents that, cultivated and nurtured, will continue to bloom. For more information, call 01924 868 470 or send us an email.